Window Cleaning


Our windows are made of a variety of objects, which we mostly decorate to fulfill our emotions and preserve the outlook of different places including business offices. It is very essential to keep the windows of your office super clean. This will attract many people and they will always admire it. Besides, your employees will enjoy their working day while looking out of them. Nowadays many office owners prefer to hire window cleaners because they have what it takes to make it professional.

Our Pro G Cleaning offers you Window Cleaning Calgary – a very important service at considerably cheaper prices. You can never know about this important part of our lifestyle until you experience it firsthand from our professional cleaners. They will come whenever you call them and will clean all the hidden dust, bacteria or mold. Your office will turn into a warm business place and all people will enjoy with windows that are crystal clear.

Window Cleaning Calgary has been trusted by many people as due to this service any dust and debris have been successfully cleaned. Our expert cleaners will keep the windows of your office more than clear. No matter you move in or out, or you just want to clean them to maintain the beauty of the office – Pro G Cleaning is always ready to provide 100% guarantee and a very professional and punctual team to handle the services.

Clean windows make you confident of inviting business associates and other people over to your place. Pro G Cleaning guarantees your achievement and protects your reputation against incidences. Next time you see dirt collected at your window panes and suspended on your office building, our team will be there upon your request to save the day. Just contact our friendly staff and bring back the wonderful transparency of your windows with the help of our great company!

Let us remove the additional stress of moving by taking care of the cleaning. We have locations across Canada—wherever you move in or out, we can assist. Contact us today for a free cleaning estimate!




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The following move in cleaning service checklist includes most areas in your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and other living areas that would need attention during the move in cleaning.

All Rooms

□        Dust baseboards, window sills, shelves

□         Wipe inside and outside the cabinets, shelves (if empty)

□         Vacuum/Mop all floors, carpets, rugs and stairs

□         Clean glass surfaces

□         Clean the fireplace (in the outside)

□         Wipe all doors

□         Empty wastebaskets

□         Spot clean walls



□        Clean showers, tubs, and sinks inside and out

□         Scrub toilet, including bowl, seat, lid, tank, and base

□         Clean, dry, and shine all mirrors, chrome, and tile

□         Clean all shelves, fixtures, and items on vanity/countertops



□        Clean, dry, and shine all appliance surfaces, range hood, and sink.

□         Wash countertops

□         Clean microwave oven inside and out, including turntable

□         Clean inside and out of oven including behind

□         Clean inside and out of fridge including behind

(note: fridge must be empty)


Available upon request 

□         Cleaning of the light fixtures, blinds, full walls, descaling of shower and tub,

under the fridge, under the  oven

Other Service: 

□         Steam cleaning of carpets

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