Floor Buffing

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What Is a Floor-Buffer?

Some business owners might wonder about the benefits of professional floor-cleaning and buffing for a place of business. Buffing floors consists of using a rotary scrubbing machine that resembles a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, the scrubbing machine actually works like a sander to buff floor surfaces. Members of our professional team are trained to operate this equipment.

How Does Floor-Buffing Work?

Floor-buffing service includes the following comprehensive steps:

  1. Cleaning staff sweep and dust the floor to remove all dirt and debris. After sweeping, we mop the floor and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Professionals select the best pad and cleaning solution to match the flooring material. Linoleum, tile, and hardwood floors have unique specifications for the type of cleaning solution and pad that is most appropriate.
  3. Team members apply the cleaning solution to the floor and move the machine back and forth in rows over the floor. The buffer spins at an impressive speed. After treating the entire surface, we repeat the process on any areas still in need of cleaning. We also change cleaning pads as necessary to ensure that we never use a soiled or worn-out pad.
  4. We repeat another sweeping and mopping to completely remove any cleaning solution left on the surface. We might also use a wet vacuum to ensure that we remove all traces of cleaning solution.
  5. Businesses might request a final polish with a polishing pad to leave the surface sparkling.

We can also strip and reapply wax as a part of our floor-polishing services. Floor wax is durable, so stripping and reapplication isn’t necessary for every floor-buffing service. The amount of foot traffic will determine the timing for waxing. An average timeline for wax-stripping is between six months and one year. Contact Pro G Cleaning Service for a quote for floor-care services today!